She mistakes fireworks for candy and suffers from chemical burns

A poorly stored shelf can do more damage than you might think … Lisa Boothroyd, a 48 year old mom indeed suffered chemical burns while eating a handful of mini fireworks she thought she was crackling candies. While buying snacks for herself and her neighbors, the young woman claims to have found the box of Fun Snaps among the lollipops and other candy in the store. Once home, it was by biting into it that she realized that they were mini fireworks. These then exploded in her mouth and caused chemical burns on her lips and gums. While one of her teeth was cracked, Lisa Boothroyd subsequently had to take strong pain relievers in order to combat the pain. “I remember the moment I munched on a handful of ‘candy’ and immediately felt explosions in my mouth. I immediately felt a burning pain. My mouth was on fire for two weeks,” she declared.

A month after the incident, the young woman’s burns healed. However, it is difficult for him to erase the latter from his memory. She said: “The mini fireworks were with all the other candy and the packaging was similar so it was an easy mistake to make. I keep thinking about what could have happened if I did. had given to a child, it could have exploded their mouths. ” While Lisa Boothroyd was taken care of very quickly by a doctor, she remembered being terrified of losing all of her teeth. “I can’t believe how much these little fireworks wreaked havoc in my mouth. Worst of all, they were among all the kid’s candy, who knows what might have happened if a kid had made the same mistake as me? Although my injuries were horrendous, I’m just relieved that I didn’t lose a tooth, “she said before adding,” I just hope no one else won’t make the same mistake as me. “

The product has been removed from the confectionery department

For many weeks Lisa Boothroyd could not eat anything except bread, butter and mash. Also, she couldn’t sleep, because she would wake up in the night and feel her mouth was on fire. A spokesperson for the product has since said, “The safety of buyers is our top priority, which is why we were very concerned to learn of this incident. We spoke to the independent retailer who operates this store under our banner. Costcutter brand and assured us that he would remove this item from the confectionery department with immediate effect. “

Lisa Boothroyd ©

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