Chaylene Martinez shared her misadventure on TikTok. The young woman missed her job interview because of an embarrassing video sent to the recruiter.

When we go to a job interview, the stress is usually at its peak. Even more when it is a deferred video interview. A new format that allows you to answer recruiters’ questions by registering on an online platform. Chaylene Martinez went through this tool to get a job at SkyWest Airlines. Unfortunately for her, nothing went as planned. And for good reason, the American saved and then sent an embarrassing video to her potential employer.

@chayjordan_ def not getting the job. sorry skywest #hireme #flightattendant #skywestairlines @SkyWest Airlines ♬ original sound – chayjordan_

Before answering the question posed by the recruiter, Chaylene Martinez called a friend for advice. A conversation that should have remained private but the beautiful brunette accidentally pressed the recorded key. “The question is… This is the dumbest, corniest question I’ve ever read in my life. They ask ‘What is your impression of SkyWest’s corporate culture and how does it resonate? in you?’ You have to record yourself responding to it and it’s really weird,” she said.

A big mea culpa

“Oh no !” exclaimed Chaylene Martinez after realizing that the platform only accepted one video. In the seconds that remained, the young woman tried to explain herself: “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize it was recording. I was training. Sorry!” A video that quickly reached 9 million views on TikTok. In a second publication, the American clarified that she had not obtained the job. She also confessed that she risked being fired from her current job if her boss learned that she was applying for other jobs. “Somebody hire me before I get fired,” she said.


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