This story sent shivers across the UK. We are in March 2022, in Newcastle city centre. As usual, a woman in her thirties named Tracy (her first name has been changed), decides to go with some friends to a trendy bar where she usually goes out. As the evening progresses, she meets a charming man with whom she quickly becomes friends. His name is Matthew Stevens and will change his life forever, in the worst possible way.

As the evening goes off without a hitch, Tracy seems under Matthew’s spell and decides to continue the night with this man she has just met. As the sun begins to point the tip of its nose, the two new lovebirds order a taxi to go to the man, in the district of Newcastle called Brunswick village. But everything changes: Matthew Stevens decides to put his terrible plan into action. He completely undresses his victim, drags him into a forest and almost fatally attacks him before stealing all his belongings.

The young woman does not remember this terrible evening

Left for dead, Tracy is discovered the next morning, around six o’clock, by a man walking his dog. Barely conscious, the young woman has a bloody face and is barely conscious. Quickly, the walker calls the emergency services, which support her immediately. Matthew Stevens’ trial has just ended. The latter admitted responsibility for the attack, pleading guilty to intentional injuries. But he denied any attempted murder. Gavin Doig, the prosecutor, said Stevens tried to kill the woman and her face was “grossly swollen”, she was bleeding from both eye sockets and suffered multiple facial lacerations and a punctured lung.

The court heard that the victim, who has since recovered from his horrific injuries, will not testify because he has no memory of the night in question. The court heard there were two crime scenes. On the first, the woman’s clothes were found, including her damaged bra and torn panties which “appeared to have been rolled up by someone else”. As well as other clothes she was wearing, some of her hair and her phone. The man now faces many years in prison.

She meets a stranger in a bar, the hours that follow turn into a nightmare

A terrible evening © Pexels

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