Sometimes you just have to look around to find the man of your life. Some end up realizing that a person they have known for a long time is the one who is destined for them.

However, Christy, a young American, seems to have taken this advice a little too literally… Just married, the young woman revealed that her husband was none other than… her stepfather. A confession leaving his TikTok subscribers shocked.

The best decision

His video, posted on TikTok, quickly went viral, racking up more than 18.8 million views. Christy appeared there passionately kissing her brand new husband after their union, in the company of their loved ones, in Las Vegas. However, the blushing bride then revealed a shocking secret. “Marrying my stepfather was the best decision I ever made! she slipped under her video.

A shocking union

Mom of two, Christy, who resides in Tampa, Florida, also added the incredible hashtag #MarryYourMomEx. Unsurprisingly, the subscribers of the new wife, as well as many newcomers, curious and intrigued, did not fail to point out that this union seemed to them quite disturbing. “I don’t think I can find a situation where that doesn’t create a problem,” noted one disgusted user. “There are 7 billion people in the world. For what ? asked another.

A very strange choice

To many, the relationship between Christy and her husband even seemed incestuous. “There should never be a man who can say, ‘That’s not how your mama did it,'” said one irate person. Others, however, wanted to know the relationship that Christy now had with her mother, who is none other than her husband’s ex. “Am I the only one wondering how your mother is?” “Worried a subscriber.

A conciliatory mother

To silence the rumors, and answer the many questions of its subscribers, Christy posted, a few days later, a second video to make things clear. Affirming that her mother fully supported their union, she added that she had never been “treated” by her stepfather, that he had not “raised” her either. Noting that she was no longer a minor when they met, she concluded by explaining that her husband and mother had not had children together during their own marriage, thus hoping to silence her detractors.

She marries her stepfather, her mother supports their relationship


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