Between Sarah Young, 24, and Nathan Lopez, 26, it all started in September 2018. After meeting at the University of Texas, they dated for six months before graduating. They then moved to different states and started a long distance relationship. A year later, they found themselves in the same city but their staggered schedules – the young woman worked weekends unlike her boyfriend – got the better of their romance. “We separated by mutual agreement – we both wanted to grow as individuals but we didn’t know where this path would take us,” the young man told Metro UK.

At the time, Sarah and Nathan remained friends. Registered on Bumble, a dating application, they were open to the idea of ​​meeting new people. But after spending an evening together, the young woman realized that she wanted him back. So she came up with a plan to get there. “After being invited to chill at his place, I drove for an hour and parked in front of his apartment. I changed my geolocation by reducing the radius to a perimeter of 1km then I swiped for 45 minutes until ‘to find it and I waited for us to match “she admits. The beautiful brunette then sent her a message to tell her that it was “fate”. It did not take more to rekindle the flame between them.

A plan that leads to marriage

Nathan and Sarah gave each other a chance. In April 2022, the young man officially took a knee in a pretty garden in Austin, Texas. “My first reaction was ‘Wow, it’s really fate’. I was happy. I have the feeling that we are different people, we have evolved a lot – individually and together,” said the 20-year-old. And to add: “It was not weird when we got back together. It was surprisingly pleasant. I was convinced that it would be more complicated than that, I did not think it would be so easy. I consider him the happiest boy in the world.” A feeling shared by his girlfriend: “All’s well that ends well. He is the most incredible person on this earth. I always knew he was the right one for me.” The couple are currently planning their wedding.

She manages to get her ex back thanks to a well-crafted plan


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