She seemed perfectly healthy until she was 18 months old. And yet, a doctor noted a disturbing detail in a photo in which Rachel Mayta, now 32, appeared. If he asked for many checks, the doctor had noticed a strange glow in the child’s eye, which could then indicate an eye disease or even cancer. After many tests, the diagnosis falls: Rachel suffers from retinoblastoma, cancer of the eye. Unfortunately, no chance to save his eye.

Rachel Mayta absolutely needs an emergency procedure so the cancer doesn’t spread to her other eye. “An operation that I expected to result in greater eye mobility and a more realistic looking prosthesis turned out to be the exact opposite.” Indeed, she was very disappointed: “Before this operation, most people would not even have noticed my eye, but afterwards it was very apparent. I was aware of people looking at me, I had people who said mean things and spoke to me differently”.

Victim of many mockeries

At the age of 20 months, the little girl that she was received her first ocular prosthesis. Unfortunately, it has been the target of much criticism. Some children called him “the Cyclops”. “After the surgery and the healing process, my eye lost most of its ability to blink,” she says. So even if the young woman was the target of mockery, her doctor still allowed her other eye not to be contaminated too.

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