She was walking quietly across the street with her husband and friends on their way to their local Christmas parade. A car whose driver has not yet been identified violently rammed her and killed her on the spot. Kelly Hagan, 59, was crossing Lake Howard Drive according to the statement of her husband Harold Hagan, quoted by The Mirror in his article of December 8, 2022. Kelly Hagan had however just lost her son Andrew in a similar accident. Andrew, Kelly’s 29-year-old son, was hit by a car in June this year in Philadelphia, reports the Mirror.

Harold Hagen, Kelly’s husband, was with her when the hit and run took place. According to him, the man or woman who was driving the car that hit his wife didn’t even bother to stop. “She didn’t deserve to be run over and run over. The guy (or woman) didn’t even try to stop. There were no skid marks or anything,” he said. he told FOX media. According to a witness at the scene, Kelly Hagan had been hit so hard by the car that she lost her shoes.

A description of the driver’s car has been published

The shock is terrible for Kelly’s family. Her daughter Ashley Grabowski describes Kelly as a woman with a heart on her sleeve. “She had so much to keep doing and she was so happy, and taking that from someone is not fair,” she said before continuing, “she did a lot growing up, it accommodated almost all the children who needed a meal or a roof over their heads”. Although the person driving the vehicle has not been identified, authorities released the description of a silver Dodge Caliber. The Dodge has Virginia license plates.

She loses her son in a terrible accident, six months later fate has a cruel fate in store for him

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