This father let his wife swim with their two daughters just long enough to take his beach bag and camera to their hotel room. On his return, he witnesses a scene of panic. Her little family gathered crowds at popular Il Playa del Carmen beach near Cancun, Mexico. Lina Dilipkumar, mother of two daughters, lost her life at the age of 38 while vacationing in this top Mexican destination. During her husband’s absence, she bathed with her daughters.

Lina Dilipkumar, from Wembley, London, unfortunately drowned. When Vishal Maugi, her husband and father of her children, returned from the bedroom, he witnessed a disturbing scene. The Daily Mail reports that “he saw crowds gathering on the beach in an attempt to help his family who had begun to struggle in the surf. He found people surrounding his eldest daughter”. He then realized that his wife had not made it back to shore, especially since no one saw her.

Neither the rescuer nor the paramedics could do anything more for her.

Vishal Maugi immediately ordered a rescuer to find his wife Lina. Riding his jet ski, the rescuer went in search of Lina Dilipkumar. He does not return empty-handed, because he was able to find the 38-year-old mother and put her back on her jet ski. As Vishal Maugi reports in his statement read by coroner Dr Straker, when the lifeguard returned, “he tried to get the water out of his body”. Paramedics also tried to help the drowning mother, but had to take her to a nearby clinic where her death was announced half an hour later on July 24, 2022.

She lets her husband come up from the beach to swim with her daughters, before a terrible tragedy

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