Sunday February 13, 2022, Véronique Genest announced the disappearance of her mother, Colette, at the dawn of her 90th birthday. On Facebook, it is with emotion that the actress had shared: “Excuse my lack of presence here at the moment, but I am living a painful moment. Colette, my pretty mother joined the stars on Thursday evening. She would have been 90 years old this summer. She loved life, good food, theatre, music. She left so suddenly, so stupidly… I’m like anesthetized.” Almost two months after the death of his mother, it was on the program Chez Jordan, on Télé-Loisirs, that the ex-star of Julie Lescaut dropped: “She left badly. She left during the period where we started talking about Orpea. She was at Orpea, in a very nice thing in Asnières (Hauts-de-Seine, editor’s note). And she left … “

Angry, Véronique Genest made the decision to appeal to justice. “I am in the process of filing a complaint because she left due to negligence. However, I was there every day. She died of a leg infection which was poorly treated. There is no no medical follow-up, nothing! They did not see that it had become infected, she died of sepsis”, she confided before lamenting: “It’s a very bad death, it’s very ugly (…) Because the kidneys stop, all the toxins stay in the body, we suffer a lot.”

Véronique Genest: “It was really catastrophic”

To conclude, the actress added facing Jordan de Luxe: “There is no follow-up. Since there is never the same nurse twice in a row, no one can be in reference with something that has been But we can’t say anything. I’ve been fighting with them since she got back there. I was trying to take her away from Orpea, because I didn’t want her to stay there. down. It was really catastrophic. It’s appalling.”

Véronique Genest © LIONEL URMAN

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