Nikole Mitchell, current pastor, quit her job to start out as a stripper. Having also taken a life coach training, she significantly increased her earnings. Today she earns tens of thousands of dollars a month. Nikole also lives in a mansion worth a million dollars. It is on Instagram that Nikole Mitchell decided to confide in this career turnaround. She admits in particular how lucrative this choice was for her. In addition to the financial benefits, she also admits to enjoying the freedom she has today. Indeed, instead of devoting her entire life to church, she has more time to devote to herself and her family.

“All of this has brought me to the magical life I have! I earn between $ 30,000 (around £ 21,000) and $ 100,000 (around £ 73,000) per month!” She told its 182,000 followers. “I live in a million dollar house – where I have an amazing team working for me! Or I can take my babies on all kinds of trips. Or I don’t have to say no anymore because of the Money. For me, that’s freedom. It’s joy. It’s peace. It’s abundance, “she adds.

“You have to take risks to be successful”

“It started with the fact that I took a leap of faith for myself, that I bet everything on myself, that I bet on myself … even when it was crazy, that it didn’t. nonsense, and that people would have been horrified if they had known some of the first decisions I made to get to where I am today … and it paid off a hundredfold! “says the native mom. from California.

“Your job is to trust yourself deeply, to take whatever inspired action you feel is necessary, to set aside all outside opinions, fears and judgments, and to DON’T LEAVE,” she continues. She also claims that she had to hold on even when her family thought she was crazy.

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