Come as you Are. In Texas, at the home of Kelsey Golden, it means “foodie”, or so you might think when you know the kind of order that was placed on Monday, May 16 by a 2-year-old boy. . According to our colleagues from CNN who collected the testimony of Kelsey Golden, this young woman who works in digital marketing for a school was quietly telecommuting when her young son, Barrett, began to grab his cell phone. Like many young children, the screen is a fascinating distraction and the mum explained that her son loves it when the camera is on so he can see his own face.

This May 16, however, the young Barrett was not content to look at himself in selfie mode on his mother’s cell phone. He indeed pressed all over the screen before his mother could retrieve the device. Apparently more fear than harm, except shortly after Kelsey Golden received a notification that her DoorDash order – which specializes in food delivery – was going to take longer than expected. Yet no order had been placed to her knowledge, hence her surprise when, a little later while she was playing in front of the house with her son, a delivery man arrived with a huge McDonalds bag to hand her… 31 cheeseburgers.

A $90 order

“At first I thought he was in the wrong house” she explained to CNN, before continuing: “Then I realized that Barrett had played with my phone. I went to look on the ‘app and I saw that an order had been placed at the same time as when he was playing with my laptop”. The family of parents and three children don’t like cheeseburgers, so Kelsey Golden left a message on her city’s Facebook page to say she had some to give. The post then quickly went around the internet and the young woman also shared her little misadventure on Instagram. She also discovered that her son had left a generous tip, bringing the order to a total of $91.7 or just over $85. Amused by this anecdote and surprised by the speed with which her story made the rounds of the web, Kelsey Golden said she hoped that “it spreads a little joy and laughter in a very sad and dark world”.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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