A woman has told how she was mortified on a date with her boyfriend. The latter behaved in an unacceptable way with a server, and she did not put up with it.

When it comes to eating out, we all know it’s best to be polite to waiters. But a man obviously doesn’t see it that way. Indeed, Barbara, a 30-year-old woman, recounted on Reddit the unacceptable behavior of her companion during a dinner. The Mirror returns to this story.

At the restaurant, he rings a bell to call the waiter

Barbara has been dating Rhett for four months. The two live in different cities, but meet up at one or the other’s house over the weekend. This time, it was Barbara who wanted to find out a little more about the one she loves. So she goes to his house, and the two of them go out for a romantic dinner at the restaurant. “Rhett was already there when I got to the restaurant, we talked for a bit, checked out the menu, then when it was time to order he took a little bell out of his jacket pocket, lifted it up and then started to shake it,” explains the 30-year-old. Confused, Barbara asks Rhett what he is doing. She explains to him that the situation is embarrassing and orders him to stop it immediately. “I asked him to stop but he said not until someone came to take our order. I threatened to leave the place and cancel dinner if he didn’t want to and he kept on going. make.”

As a server arrives to take the couple’s order, Barbara decides to get up and leave the restaurant. “I told him I couldn’t stand being embarrassed like that and he got mad. He said he didn’t understand why I thought the bell was embarrassing, and he explained it was a perfect solution to no longer have to wait for someone to come and serve us.” Rhett runs after Barbara and begs her to go back inside, but she refuses. “He’s been sulking for days now and wants an apology. Maybe I overreacted. Maybe it’s nothing where he lives, but here it’s just unacceptable.” On Reddit, more than 3,000 people responded to Barbara’s testimony, and the majority assured her that Rhett’s behavior was incredibly rude.

She leaves her companion after his unacceptable behavior at the restaurant ©

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