Justice has been done. This Monday, November 14, a young man was sentenced to 12 months in prison, including three months under an electronic bracelet for animal abuse. His crime? Brutally killing his companion’s dog, a small 4-year-old Chihuahua that the owner had briefly entrusted to him. As our colleagues from Parisian report, the man explained himself to the courts by giving a very specific reason for this outburst of senseless violence. “I deeply regret what I committed but, that day, I was not in my normal state” began the man, before giving additional details.

“As if a foreign body was in my body. I did something I never thought I would do, I who never ran over a cat or a fox on the road…” While his companion was went shopping with a friend, the man was taken by a fit of rage and was unleashed on the domestic animal, victim according to the veterinary report of a real “relentlessness” after being killed by clappers . “I was in a parallel world” continued the accused, explaining: “Mia (the dog’s first name, editor’s note) was in front of me, she barked. She scared me. I heard voices. one told me to throw dirt at her. I did. A voice told me to throw the plant at her. So I threw the plant at her. Mia turned into a rat and I I started to crush it with my feet”.

Associations have become involved in history

Still according to Le Parisien, the accused was miming his act when he was at the bar, and therefore lifted his foot to show how he trampled on the little dog with his clappers. What cause a real nightmarish scene for the owner of the dog who discovered a room filled with blood on returning from shopping. A crime of which he was found guilty and for which he was sentenced to one year in prison including nine months suspended probation for two years as well as the obligation to work, to compensate the victims and to receive psychiatric care. He will also have to pay 6,999 euros to his companion and a symbolic euro to the seven animal rights associations involved in the case for non-pecuniary damage.

She leaves her chihuahua to her companion to go shopping, she comes across a horror scene on her way home

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