Leanne and Tom Slaymaker married in August 2018. Barely four months after finding the love of her life, Leanne lost him in a tragic and unexpected death. 10 minutes before he collapsed before her eyes, her husband Tom was laughing out loud with her in the kitchen. “We got up on Sunday, January 6, and we were laughing and joking ten minutes before,” she said, before continuing “he broke down and while I was on the phone with the paramedics, he stopped breathing”.

While waiting for the arrival of paramedics this Sunday, January 6, 2019, Leanne Slaymaker tried to save her husband by giving him cardiopulmonary resuscitation. When paramedics arrived on the scene, they performed CPR for another 50 minutes. The paramedics were unable to bring Tom back and directly announced his death to Leanne who was amazed as her “noisy, friendly and happy” husband was laughing with her 10 minutes before passing out. Tom Slaymaker, from Portishead, Somerset, has died aged 37.

He died suddenly from the effects of the flu.

Leanne explained that he and her husband both contracted the flu sometime in December 2018, reports the Mirror. After two weeks of illness, Leanne decides to take Tom to see a doctor. The latter found that Tom’s heart rate was “a little fast”, but that there was nothing to worry about. The doctor prescribed him steroids, according to Leanne. On January 6, 2019, Tom Slaymaker suddenly lost his life. His cause of death was found to be “bronchitis, pneumonia and an enlarged heart, and his organs had collapsed”, as Leanne explains.

Leanne and Tom Slaymaker © Facebook


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