Samantha Moreno Rodriguez, 35, faces the death penalty in California (United States). While hiking with her son in the Springs Mountains, not far from the Las Vegas Strip, the mother has committed the irreparable.

According to the words of the police reported by Paris Match, Samantha would have found the little Liam, 7 years old and suffering from autism, particularly unmanageable that morning. Frustrated that he doesn’t follow her instructions correctly on the ride, Samantha pushes her falling son and hits his head. The little boy then starts screaming in pain, “louder than she had ever heard him scream before”. This is too much for the mother. Not being able to calm Liam down, Samantha allegedly circled her hands around his neck and squeezed to keep him from screaming. The thirty-something strangles her son for about fifteen minutes.

She abandons her son’s naked body in the desert

Her dead son in her arms, Samantha Rodriguez does not panic, and even keeps her cool pretty well at this time. She decides to take off the young boy’s clothes to prevent him from being associated too quickly with her when the corpse is discovered, which she abandons in the desert. However, it only took a few days for investigators to identify the boy found by hikers, whom they had initially nicknamed “Little Zion”. Less than 10 days after the discovery of the body, Samantha is arrested. She is due in court on August 20.

Little Liam’s dad has created an online fundraiser on GoFundMe. On the page, he takes the opportunity to express himself: “He was taken from me by the one person he should have trusted. He must have been so scared and confused. And I just wasn’t there to. protect him.”

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