In just a few minutes, this mother found herself on the street with her three children after being evicted from her home.

Izabela Kikosicka has been completely distraught since Waltham Forest Town Hall kicked her out of her home. And for good reason, his family only had 30 minutes to leave their house in Erith, a district of Bexley in England. A former homeless person, she had been living in this temporary accommodation since April 2018. And yet, according to her statements to The Sun, police officers changed the locks of her apartment. Shocked, she accuses the city council of ignoring her situation and even of “washing their hands of it”: “I don’t understand how they can put someone on the street and not worry about what happens next.”

But what happened? In reality, the town hall canceled Izabela’s lease on discovering that it had already offered her another accommodation in 2020. At the time, the mother of the family refused because the house was 220 kilometers from her neighborhood. According to her confidences, she did not want to move or remove her children from their school and even less take them away from their loved ones. After appealing this decision, the family was accommodated in a hotel for two weeks, before being dismissed by the courts. At the end of November, the 30-year-old and her children found themselves homeless, forced to sleep in their car or with friends.

Evicted with her children, she finally finds a home

“The car was the only option I had at the time. I didn’t really share my problems with others because I was ashamed to be in this situation. But they really do what they want – the way we are being treated with is humiliating. Finding a place to live is exhausting. I feel like my life is ruined. I worry a lot about my children. I don’t know what to say to them because I myself am lost “lamented Izabela. Contacted by the English media, the town hall of Bexley denied any responsibility in this affair. Fortunately, luck has finally smiled on the mother of the family. Thanks to the help of her friends, she managed to find a house to rent in Erith.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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