A holiday that turns to drama for a simple drink. Aika Doheny, an Irish woman in her twenties, had traveled to Japan to spend a few days on vacation and to visit relatives. But on the spot, the young student, born of an Irish father and a Japanese mother, fell seriously ill after consuming a soy-based coffee.

The drink has indeed caused a worrying allergic reaction in the young woman. An adrenaline auto-injector was then administered to her in an attempt to lessen the effects of the allergy, and Aika Doheny was later rushed to a nearby hospital in Tokyo. She spent several weeks in intensive care in Japan before being repatriated to Ireland.

A tragic death

Admitted to St James’s Hospital in Dublin to receive additional care, the young woman finally died on October 20. A student at the University of Galway, Aika Doheny was also described as a talented swimmer by those close to her. “She was a member of the Kilkenny swim team for many years and her teammates and coaches remember her fondly. Sincere condolences to her family at this very difficult time,” her swim club responded after the announcement of his death. “She was a wonderful friend and had such bright energy that she made swimming practice easy on the darkest mornings,” one of her training teammates shared.

She is enjoying her holidays, until a simple coffee changes everything

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