The days would be numbered for Dorita Delle Donne, 32. The young woman is from Italy but lives in Ealing, West London, in a one-bedroom flat with girlfriend Ester Sanna Ferraiolo. The couple are currently working from home and struggling to cope on their own despite having a “type of illness that you can fight on your own”, Ester said. In 2020, Dorita Delle Donne had consulted for a lump that she had observed in her left breast.

He was then told not to worry as the lump was all a “benign cyst”, the Mirror reported on August 1, 2022. Unfortunately, Dorita Delle Donne, manager of one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, learns a year after her first diagnosis she had a particularly aggressive and rare form of cancer. His type of cancer is currently incurable. Dorita was diagnosed with “metastatic triple negative breast cancer”.

£280,000 therapy could save Dorita

According to Ester Sanna Ferraiolo, Dorita’s girlfriend of 6 years, she was able to follow an experimental treatment for free. “After seven cycles she stopped responding to therapy,” Ester, 32, told MyLondon. That doesn’t mean Dorita and Ester give up. They want to try everything to save Dorita or at least buy as much time as possible. The couple got wind of CAR T cell therapy.

However, the therapy costs £280,000. Which is not at all accessible to them at present. Reason why Ester started a GoFundMe campaign. Apart from access to treatment, the couple would also like to be able to leave their small studio apartment in order to be able to welcome relatives from time to time during these difficult times. “We have a lot of dreams together. One of them, which she also put on her list of things to do before she dies, is that we get married,” Ester also clarifies.

She is diagnosed with a mild problem, she learns that she will probably not survive it

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