A young woman found herself in a difficult situation after lying to her parents about her partner’s age. She, who is only 18, has been dating a 40-year-old man for a few months.

If her parents are aware of her long-distance relationship, they now want to meet the one who stole their daughter’s heart. But impossible for the young woman to talk to them about this age difference…

a serious relationship

It was online, on a Reddit forum, that the young lover, anonymously, came to explain her dilemma, hoping, in passing, to gather some advice. “We met online and he lives a few states away from me,” she noted, adding, “So we’re in a long-distance relationship.” Recently, the young woman visited him, and just a month ago their relationship became more serious. But to meet the man of her life in flesh and blood, the young woman lied.

Lies upon lies

“I lied about this trip, telling my parents it was just a personal trip,” she said. Still living with them and counting on their support, she did not want to explain the situation to them. “I plan to visit this guy in a few months so I had to give my parents a reason why I plan to take this other trip,” she commented. Explaining to them that she has a boyfriend, she cannot bring herself to give her true age. “I said he was 22 and showed them a picture of some random guy,” she said.

Hire an actor

However, her mother suggested that the whole family could be on the trip so that her parents could meet her boyfriend. ” I do not know what to do. Should I just admit that I lied and tell the truth? she asked. “I don’t know exactly what they would do or say but I guess it won’t be terrible,” she predicted. But far from being discouraged by this prospect, the young woman had another idea: to hire a fake boyfriend. “I could hire an actor, it sounds a bit crazy but am I doing it? she asked.

Stop the lies

In response, fellow users were quick to offer suggestions, with many suggesting the young woman have an honest conversation with her parents. “I would sit down and have an adult conversation about it. Ask them to be open-minded and allow you to express your thoughts before they intervene” suggested a first person. “Tell them you lied about the guy and his age and show them what he looks like. And also tell them why you lied and go from there to clear things up,” noted for a second. “Don’t go any further. You’re an adult, be honest with your parents. Either they will understand or they will not,” wrote a third. A final person tempered, “Looks like you’re not ready for an adult relationship. You’re still acting like a teenager (which you are) and you’ve dug a pretty big hole when it comes to cheating”…

She is dating an older man but plans to introduce a fake boyfriend to her parents


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