They knew that soon their father would be no more. In December 2022, Michael Harris, 66, expressed with his three children, Natalie Denning, 41, Ricci, 35, and Daniel Harris, 43, a last wish.

In a joking tone, their father indicated that after his death, he wanted these children to throw his prosthetic leg into the sea. The former British sailor hoped that the latter would float to Ibiza.

A post-mortem journey

“Daniel had taken Dad for radiotherapy and when they came home, he said he had always wanted to go on a trip,” Nathalie told the New York Post. “Rather comically, he asked if we could send his leg around the world,” she continued. Indeed, for five years, Michael, a former merchant navy, had been wearing a prosthesis after being amputated in 2017 following a blood circulation problem. “We almost didn’t do it” confided Nathalie, adding “then we thought “It’s going to be funny”. It kept him alive for us,” she argued.

unexpected news

On January 19, 2022, Nathalie, Ricci and Daniel find themselves in Lydney, England, the birthplace of their father, to give back to the sea his leg. Shortly after, one of Nathalie’s brothers receives a message about their father’s prosthesis, a marine biologist having come across it 48 kilometers from his starting point and having contacted them thanks to the note pasted by Nathalie. “I was shocked,” she said.

A stay in Ibiza

Having loved this twist, Michael’s children now hope that a caring person will do their best to make the rest of the trip happen. “If someone wants to get her out of town to put her on a boat to Ibiza, that would be amazing! she laughed. “We also said that we would visit him if that was the case,” she said. The future will tell them!

She honors her father's last wishes by throwing her prosthetic leg into the sea


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