Nicole Allard is currently 37 years old and is an emergency dispatcher in Alaska. Before experiencing a more peaceful life, the young woman experienced the worst mockery and nicknames in school and high school because of her hiccups. Confidently, she says: “Throughout high school, I was called the constipated pig, the baby seal that gets clubbed, the pterodactyl.”

However, Nicole’s problem does not improve over time, because before she and her friend find the origins of the problem on their own, it will be 15 years. During these 15 years, the hiccups took hold of her untimely. As he said: “The hiccups were sometimes louder, sometimes quieter, sometimes so frequent that I couldn’t catch my breath.”

“It gave me power because in addition to feeling better, I had more control.”

It was in 2011 that Nicole decided to find, with the help of her friend, the causes of her problem. The idea came to her after eating a spicy chicken sandwich that caused a hiccup attack when days before she didn’t have it. They powdered certain foods and put them in pill form to swallow one at random each day.

“I would take one pill a day for two weeks, or until I had the hiccups. If that happened, I would wait for them to stop and start with the next pot,” she says. . Thanks to this ingenious method, Nicole was able to determine 6 foods to avoid: peppers, wheat (but not gluten), cow’s milk products, peas, corn and peanuts.

Nicole Allard © The Sun

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