A misadventure that would traumatize more than one! In a video shared on the social network TikTok, a young student recounts having made an unlikely discovery after hearing “weird noises” in the wall of her apartment. In the video, Makenna Buchanan explains that she was alerted by a rubbing noise emanating from a small hole in her wall. “I noticed a weird noise coming from a small hole in the wall of my apartment,” she says. Worried, she hastened to warn her roommate by text message: “A few days ago digging in our apartment,” she wrote to him.

Little did she know what would happen next! As shown in the video filmed by the student, a small rodent poked its head through the hole after expanding it. “The neighbors hamster, Linda!” writes Makenna Buchanan. Fortunately, the story ended well. After being “successfully lured outside with tortilla chips”, the little critter was “returned to its owners”, confides the author of the video.


Entertaining night, the time my neighbors hamster chewed through our wall into my apartment!

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“I expected an Eldritch horror story, not Linda the hamster”

Watched by more than 2 million people, the misadventure of the student at Lincoln Land Community College has aroused many reactions. Most internet users were amused by the intrepid character of the little hamster and welcomed the student’s reaction. “I was expecting an Eldritch horror story, not Linda the neighbors hamster. It’s a great ending,” laughed one TikTok user. “To be honest, the fact that you gave her tortilla chips and helped her get home sounds like a children’s story, I love it!” added another. “Make sure Linda pays for the repairs!” joked a third. A story worthy of the great animal blooper!

She hears weird noises in her wall and is flabbergasted when she sees what pops up in her apartment

Makenna Buchanan © TikTok @kennabuchanan3

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