A miscarriage is a real ordeal. How can you imagine the impact, both physical and psychological, of twenty-six consecutive miscarriages? Yet it is the trying journey of a 37-year-old Chinese woman wishing to become a mother.

Confident that she had “lost all hope” after her twenty-sixth attempt, her determination finally paid off when she was able, in 2022, to hug her baby girl.

A miracle baby

Her moving story was published by the hospital where she was treated. Retaining the anonymity of his patient, the establishment revealed in the South China Morning Post, that a 37-year-old woman had finally become the mother of a little girl after a cesarean delivery. Twenty-six miscarriages had previously occurred, the last dating back to 2019. She was then 34 years old and admitted, according to the hospital press release, to having “lost hope”.

A controversial testimony

However, the new mom’s story has sparked controversy online about women and childbearing in China. According to multiple users of the Chinese social network Weibo, the hospital would have published its story from the angle of the “dream of being a mother finally realized” leading to various questions including the sacrifice of this woman and her apparent obsession to have a child. Thus, a comment urged women to respect their own life before anything else, criticizing the hospital in its promotion around this new mother. Another comment poked fun at China’s pressure on women to have children, suggesting the story could enter the Guinness World Records.

A declining birth rate

Indeed, in recent years China has faced a rapid decline in the birth rate. A rate which should continue to plummet in 2023 following the consequences of the zero Covid policy in the country. On the side of the hospital, the management seemed disconcerted by the reaction of Internet users. “We intended to focus on the efforts and skills of our medical workers but readers apparently saw it from another angle which caused disruption for the patient,” she concluded.

She had 26 miscarriages before having a baby, a controversial miracle


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