A parent who says he wants to kill his child will never have made so much sense. Indeed, Laura Castle, 38, killed with her hands Leiland-James Corkhill, 12 months, who was placed in her custody, reports The Sun on April 28. However, 5 months ago, Laura Castle and Scott Castle, her husband, seemed happy to welcome the baby under their roof in Barrow-in-Furness. The poor child died of serious head injuries, including a cerebral hemorrhage.

Laura Castle is charged with murder. As for Scott Castle, he is accused of having “caused or allowed the death of a child and cruelty to children”, according to the media. Jurors at Preston Crown Court heard Laura Scott pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Only she claims that she did not intend to cause serious harm to the baby or even kill him.

“He’s an absolute shitbag, a dickhead”

Messages exchanged between the couple were read on April 28 in court. Many insults towards Leiland-James Corkhill were exchanged. “Honestly, I really don’t like him lately, he’s an absolute shitbag and I totally regret doing this,” she wrote. “I’m going to lose my mind. He pisses me off all the time, he can never have a good day or a good night. Even if I have to stop slapping him because if I start I’m not going to stop at at some point and it doesn’t get us anywhere and then I feel bad,” she said.

In another message, Laura Castle wrote to her husband: “I just slapped him, I can’t take it anymore, he will have to leave”. For his part, Scott Castle had also called the baby “big shit”, “head of a dick” and “bag of vomit”.

She goes out of her way to adopt a baby and kills him five months after taking him in © Youtube

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