Nature hikes along the cliffs are not always free of danger. Walking her dog with her boyfriend, an 18-year-old girl falls off a cliff after tripping. The tragic incident happened on the afternoon of May 19, 2023, in Devon. Despite the mobilization of numerous rescue teams, including the Bigbury and Kingsbidge coastguards, and the intervention of an independent rescue boat from Hope Cove as well as that of the Newquay coastguard helicopter, the young wife could not be saved.

In addition, ambulance teams were also rushed to the scene, specifies the Mirror. The horrific incident took place on Friday, May 19. Coastguards were alerted to the 18-year-old’s presence around 3.45pm, reports the Mirror. According to police information, the authorities were made aware of what really happened an hour after the tragedy. They also confirmed the death of the teenager on the spot. Although they are still in the process of continuing their investigation, the police do not regard this tragic death as suspicious.

She was quietly walking her dog

The 18-year-old is spending a quiet afternoon with her dog and her boyfriend. According to information from South Hams, the dog started chasing a rabbit. The girl wanted to stop her dog from chasing the rabbit when she tripped. The incident led to his vertiginous fall and caused his death on the spot. Reports posted on social media have confirmed the incident, but details about it have yet to be verified.

She goes in pursuit of her dog who is chasing a rabbit, what happens to her is appalling

She goes in pursuit of her dog who is chasing a rabbit, what happens to her is appalling © Unsplash

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