Two children, two fathers. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. But two different fathers for twins? This is much more surprising! Yet this is the story that a young 19-year-old Brazilian woman revealed, anonymously.

Originally from Minerios in Goias, Brazil, the new mom claimed shortly after the birth of her children that these twins did not have the same father. A statement that was confirmed after carrying out a paternity test.

A surprising DNA result

The young woman was eight months pregnant when she insisted on carrying out a DNA test to confirm that the man she was dating was indeed the father of her children. However, upon returning from the test, the mother-to-be was beyond confused when she learned the result was only positive for one of her twins. Delving into her memories, trying to understand how this could be possible, she recalled having sex with two men on and around the date of her children’s conception. His second partner was later tested and confirmed to be the father of the second baby.

One in a million chance

This extremely rare phenomenon, of the order of a chance in a million, is known as heteroparental superfertilization. “It can happen when two eggs from the same mother are fertilized by different men. The babies share the mother’s genetic material, but they grow up in different placentas,” explained the young woman’s doctor, Tulio Jorge Franco, to the Metro newspaper, stressing that he had never imagined coming across such a case during of her career. According to one estimate, there are only 20 other confirmed cases of twins not having the same father. Now 16 months old, happy and healthy, the twins and the new mother can count on the support of their respective fathers, who are very present and constitute an amazing family. “They help me a lot and give them all the necessary support, also taking care of them,” concluded the young woman.

She gives birth to twins who do not have the same father


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