Ariel and Michael Tyson weren’t tasting the joy of being parents for the first time. When, at the end of 2021, Ariel gave birth, it was the seventh baby of the couple, already parents of six boys aged 11 to 2 years.

Delighted to welcome this seventh child, Ariel thought she knew what to do and when… But fate had planned a few little surprises for the arrival of this new child in their home.

An unexpected birth

It is on social networks that Ariel returned to the birth full of surprises, of her seventh baby. “I grabbed my 4 kg baby myself over the toilet after only 50 minutes labor with my husband,” she said. Shocked by the birth of her child in such an unexpected and incongruous way, Ariel, in the video shared on Instagram, discovered the sex of her child.

An amazing discovery

“It looks like a boy to me,” she said. “Only because he looks like our sons,” she added. But, quickly, her husband and she make an astonishing discovery. “Oh my God, it’s a girl!” exclaimed the fulfilled mother. “Our first daughter after six boys,” she slipped, holding her baby in her arms as Michael came over to hold them both.

A beloved little girl

Obviously, the six boys of the couple were delighted to see a little girl added to their team. Since then, the new mother has not hesitated to share multiple videos of the siblings, including tender and moving moments of the brothers taking care of their little sister. To share this news with their loved ones, Ariel and Michael threw a gender reveal party after the birth. It was their sons who set off cannons emitting pink smoke, revealing that they had welcomed a little girl.

She gives birth to her seventh child on the toilet and discovers a nice surprise


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