A completely improbable scene occurred on Thursday November 10, 2022 at the Edouard-Gand high school, located in Amiens in the Somme department. That day, those present inside the school canteen were able to witness the birth of a baby, as reported by Le Courrier Picard Thursday, November 17, 2022. Victim of a denial of pregnancy, a young teenager, who is studying in BTS at the Edouard-Gand high school, was seized with violent pain when she was in the school canteen.

Having a first aid training, the manager of the catering service, Vincent Piquot, was called on the spot to come to his aid. “At first, I did not believe it,” said the latter in the columns of Courrier Picard, before ensuring that it was “impossible to suspect that (the student) could be pregnant”. “She had a flat stomach,” he also added. As the labor had already begun, it was impossible to wait for help to arrive on site. The child would therefore come into the world in high school. So that everything goes for the best, Vincent Piquot evacuated part of the premises, while isolating the future mother from her comrades, using a screen.

The 21-year-old woman complained of severe pain in the middle of lunch service, it was the staff who helped her give birth ⬇️ #pregnancy #Amiens https://t.co/rBR4Wb7EMH

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Childbirth in high school: a 2.5 kg baby girl was born in the middle of the canteen

“She told me she felt something pushing. I told her to put her feet on my knees and push hard. We could already see the child’s head,” said the manager of the catering service of the Lycée Edouard-Gand to the local newspaper. Finally, the young teenager victim of a denial of pregnancy gave birth to a baby girl weighing 2.5 kg, in the space of only a few minutes. At present, mother and child are both doing very well.

She gives birth in the school canteen when she was completely unaware that she was pregnant

A student gives birth in a high school canteen © JB Autissier

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