The delivery was expected a week later, but the little boy did not want to wait any longer. Gathered for a family evening, the relatives of Abbie Morris, 32, had an amazing surprise.

While the young woman’s parents cooked and played with the children, unsuspectingly, Abbie gave birth to her son upstairs, with her sister and her husband.

The first doubts

On August 21, 2022, Abbie had invited her parents and sister for a family evening at her home in Fareham, Hampshire. In the kitchen, her father cooked and her mother took care of her granddaughter. The day before, Abbie had started having contractions. Seeking to be reassured, she goes to the hospital where she is told that she can stay at home without worry. During the day, the contractions subside. In the evening, they even seem to have stopped. Abbie decides to keep her party the next day.

The return of contractions

However, the further Sunday goes, the more Abbie feels contractions again. She asks her parents to show up early to take care of her three-year-old daughter, Ellie. When they arrive around 2 p.m., Abbie decides to take a break in her room and, around 4:45 p.m., she informs her husband, Aaron, of her desire to take a nap. But ten minutes later, the pain is increasing. When her husband comes to see her at 4:55 p.m., Abbie realizes that the contractions have gotten closer.

A growing concern

“I couldn’t lie down anymore,” Abbie told the Mirror newspaper. “I phoned the maternity ward to ask if it was normal for the contractions to be so intense although still too far apart,” she added. “They were pretty laid back about it, what worried them was that there was no bed available,” she noted. He was invited to go to another hospital an hour away. Aaron then leaves to refuel to make sure he can drive Abbie if the need arises.

An imminent birth

Far from calming down, Abbie’s contractions intensify and, within twenty minutes, are no more than a minute apart. “I was starting to freak out because Aaron still hadn’t come home,” Abbie recalled, indicating “I was starting to realize the baby would be coming home.” At 8 p.m., the young woman tries again to join the maternity ward, but the contractions are so strong that she is no longer able to speak. “They kept telling me that they didn’t know where I would be sent and that they would call me back,” she lamented. Still having no news, she suggests calling an ambulance, feeling that her son is about to be born.

An incredible situation

As Aaron is put on hold, Abbie begins to feel like pushing. And when, finally, Aaron gets contact, Abbie’s water breaks. A midwife then takes over by telephone to help Aaron give birth to his child. “He was upset, he was telling Grace ‘I can’t do it, I can’t do it’ and she was telling him he could and help her.” At this point, the parents are alerted, with Abbie’s mother staying with Ellie and her father watching for the ambulance outside, while her brother-in-law bridges the floors. “It all seemed pretty comical to me down there,” Abbie added.

A new life for four

Birth is extremely rapid. “I was still wearing my clothes, a long black skirt that I pulled down. My hair and makeup were still intact,” Abbie noted. It is under these conditions that Jax is born. A few minutes later, the whole family is invited to welcome him. When the ambulance finally arrives, Abbie and Jax are transferred to the hospital for checks. Mother and son stay there for two nights. “Jax didn’t need supervision,” noted Abbie. “Aaron came to pick us up with Ellie and that’s when our foursome started,” she concluded, delighted.

She gives birth in the middle of a family day without her guests noticing


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