In preparing for a wedding, nothing is simple. Composing the guest list is one of the most complex tasks. Avoid hurting certain guests with the presence of unwanted people, do not invite certain people to maintain a pleasant atmosphere… It’s a real headache for the bride and groom!

Recently, a woman was looking to clear up her friend’s wedding guest list. But after questioning her, she had the unpleasant surprise to discover that she had been blocked on all of her social networks.

A lovely proposal

The woman confided anonymously on the “Relations” forum of the Mumsnet site on this situation, which is as disturbing as it is painful for her. She noted, “My friend is getting married next year. In July 2022, she and her fiancé called me and asked if my 8-year-old daughter could be bridesmaid that day. A request that mother and daughter approve, delighted. However, a few weeks later, in an innocuous conversation, the young woman learns some surprising news.

Marriage forbidden to children

“She mentioned in passing that it was a ‘no child’ marriage,” she slipped. She implicitly understands that her two-year-old son is not invited to the event. “I was thinking, ‘I’m not planning on taking her anyway! “” she pointed out. But the subject ends up worrying her, she finally questions her friend who becomes “really on the defensive”. “It was during this conversation that I learned that ‘no kids’ even meant that my daughter was no longer invited as a bridesmaid and that I had totally missed that subtle hint.” she annoyed.

An incomprehensible reaction

Surprised by the change in her friend, she asks her for some additional explanations and specifies that she will come alone since her husband will take care of the children. “A few minutes later, I received a phone call from a friend and the fiancé saying that I had really pushed the question too far and that it was causing them stress,” she confided. “I didn’t see it that way and said I was just trying to clarify things, not having understood that their policy had changed,” she added.

Banished from his life

Apparently “very upset”, her friend made the choice to remove her from her friends on Facebook, Instagram and ended up blocking her on WhatsApp. “I was very hurt. I sent her an apology email and then I also blocked her everywhere,” she noted. In the comments following his message, many people gave him their support. “She treated your daughter appallingly! I will not contact her again” wrote a first person. A second declared “Your poor girl… This woman is not a friend! “. Finally, a third concluded: “You did nothing wrong. She’s very unreasonable.”

She gets kicked out of her friend's wedding for asking a simple question


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