A 16-year-old girl has been denied a day off after four friends died. Worse still, she was fired from her job!

According to revelations from the TikTok account @mrdullstar, a 16-year-old girl was fired after asking her boss for a leave of absence over the deaths of her four friends. According to information relayed in the American press, the latter died in a tragic road accident on February 25, 2022. But despite this terrible tragedy, his superior refused to give him a day off. Furious, a relative of the young employee confronted the manager and filmed the scene. “People are really horrible, this manager of Sonic Drive-In [a fast food chain, editor’s note] doesn’t care about anything. All you have to do is watch this video and see how bad this person is horrible“, we could read under the clip, since deleted.

“Four of her friends are dead and one of them is in a coma. She’s never experienced this kind of thing before. It’s awful, don’t you think?” launched the person behind the camera. Showing no sympathy for what his employee is going through, the manager replied, “As I told you, I have a business to run.” Shocked by the reaction, the teenager’s relative said: “I don’t care! My boss runs a business and he gave me the day off. He’s a 16-year-old kid. You got it fired by phone. She tried to explain the situation to you but you replied, ‘Oh, I’m busy, goodbye.'” Many Internet users were also indignant at the attitude of the boss.

“The employee was not fired”

Following the bad buzz generated by the video shared en masse on social networks, Sonic Drive-In has officially reacted. “We became aware of this video shot at the location of one of our franchises. The video was filmed several weeks ago and as soon as we were made aware, we immediately launched an investigation. The allegations raised in the video are inaccurate. The employee was not fired, she still works at the restaurant. The franchise has also taken disciplinary action against the manager in the video.” However, the nature of the sanctions was not specified.

She gets fired after asking for a day off for the death of four friends ©

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