Alyssa Lambert, 25, managed to skewer her left foot with the heel of one of her shoes. The heel sank 4.5 cm according to the X-ray of Alyssa’s foot. Surgery had to be performed to remove the heel. The doctors were amazed at how such a thick heel could pierce the young woman’s foot. Alyssa Lambert says she impaled her left foot with her high heel trying to get rid of a Huntsman spider.

On January 24, the young woman from Sydney, Australia, spotted a Huntsman spider on the ceiling of her bedroom. She intended to kill it with a spray and therefore had to get closer to the spider. In order to be sure to reach the spider, Alyssa climbed onto her bed. But as she threw the spray, the spider rushed towards her. Reacting to this very sudden situation, she jumped out of bed and her left foot landed on the heel of one of her shoes.

The puncture of his foot by the heel leaves the doctors speechless

Alyssa Lambert told Daily Mail Australia that she asked her housemate to remove the shoe, but the latter did not. “I panicked. I screamed at my roommate and she called an ambulance. I was in shock and shaking – and then the pain started to set in,” she said. Alyssa was taken to hospital after paramedics wrapped her foot and shoe. “Everyone at the hospital was so amazed that I managed to puncture my foot with such a thick heel. Alyssa’s foot healed very quickly, and by the end of the week of January 24, her stitches had already been removed.

Alyssa Lambert, © The Mirror

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