Real estate agent and beauty fan Helen Bender has TikTok to thank. Indeed, this 26-year-old young woman discovered that she suffered from stage 4 cancer after following a trend. This is the use of the latest gua sha massage tool on the face. She had thus purchased the product in order to sculpt a more defined jawline. That’s how she discovered a lump under her skin. At first she assumed it was just a lymph node. A normal conclusion since she had caught a cold at that time.

Only, the mass continued to grow and she lost weight. Which had led him to quickly see a dermatologist. The latter had then advised him to make an appointment with the oncologist. During the appointment followed by a CT scan, the doctor discovered that she had tumors all over her body. Areas affected include his pancreas, both lungs, and even his intestines. Her cancer was back. “I have a history of cancer. When I was 18, I had a mole on my back,” she said of her condition.

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“A person at a similar stage died after six weeks”

After the announcement of the terrible news, Helen Bender had asked the doctor how much time she had before her. “He told me someone had come to see him at a similar stage and he was dead in six weeks,” she said. Either way, Helen Bender began Mitchell Cancer Institute immunotherapy treatment in Mobile, Alabama, in early June. It’s only been seven months, but all the results are positive. “The treatment works very well. It doesn’t have the same effects as chemotherapy, which allows me to have a fairly good quality of life,” she said.

She follows a fashion launched on social networks and discovers that she has a very serious illness

She follows a trend launched on social networks and discovers that she has a very serious illness © Pexels

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