On October 31, Blanca Arellano, a Mexican, traveled to Lima, Peru to see a man she met on an online gambling application. But now the woman in love will no longer give any sign of life. Indeed, while she is in the city of Huacho, where the man she wants to see lives, no one has heard from her. Very worried, her niece launched a wanted poster: “I never thought I would be in this situation, but today I ask for your support to spread this message and find one of the most loved and the most important things in my life. My Aunt Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutierrez disappeared on Monday, November 7 in Peru. We fear for her life,” she wrote in her post.

Before alerting the police, she will conduct the investigation herself. She thus contacted the man in question: “I contacted Juan P. because he was the only one she knew in Peru and that’s when we started to be afraid”, she wrote on Twitter. But the man will tell him that his aunt had decided to leave since he could not “offer her the life she wanted”. He tells the desperate woman that his wife has taken a plane ticket back to Mexico. “I hope she is well, but my role here is over. I don’t know anything else here and I say this with sadness. I’m sure her phone isn’t working or she’s out of battery. Take care and I hope she gets home safely.”

A body emptied of its organs

But the woman’s relatives will be worried and decide to warn the Peruvian authorities. Three days later, the investigators will discover a severed finger with a silver ring, on a beach. The next day, a head and an arm are found and a torso is also recovered. Worse still, investigators will discover that the upper body of the woman has been emptied of her organs. Thus, the police will favor the trail of organ trafficking. The man who was to find love in the arms of the victim was suspected of “trafficking in human organs”.

She flies away to meet a man known on the internet and pays dearly

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