She hoped her intuition would prove wrong. Unfortunately, a few images from the surveillance camera installed in her living room only confirmed her presentiments about her husband and their babysitter…

Speaking to Reddit anonymously, the 31-year-old returned to the “disgusting” discovery, asking for some advice on what to do with her marriage given her husband’s behavior.

Growing suspicions

A full-time nurse, the young mother was forced to hire a 17-year-old babysitter to watch over her three-year-old daughter during her absences. Her husband works three nights a week and goes home to sleep during the day. A solution that does not delight her, especially since she quickly began to be wary of the teenager. “I have had suspicions for almost four months,” she wrote. “I felt like I was going crazy because something was wrong,” she said in her message.

Overwhelming Evidence

Her husband refusing to appease her doubts and answer her questions, the young mother installs a discreet camera in her living room. It is by viewing the images that she understands that her intuition was correct. “I didn’t see anything until the fourth day when he and the babysitter kissed on the couch behind my daughter’s back while she was watching TV,” she explained. Upon discovering this moment, she confided “I felt like my world was crumbling under my feet”.

A reversal of roles

In his head everything is mixed up, going through all kinds of negative feelings, including guilt “for just wanting to keep his job when he complained about having put it aside”. When she confronts her 34-year-old husband, he bursts into tears and tries to blame the babysitter for accusing him of “initiating” the kiss. “He tried to make me listen to his version but I took my daughter and went to live with my mother,” she revealed. “It’s been a month now,” she said.

A total disappointment

Since this revelation, the babysitter has left and her husband “still cries for his stupidity”, but for the young mother, it is impossible to go back. “I feel like I’m done with him after that,” she said. “He managed to make me feel guilty for not giving him enough attention, and now I firmly believe that I bear some responsibility for what happened,” she analyzed. Not knowing how to handle this situation anymore, especially since her husband is asking for a second chance, she was hoping to get some advice online.

Preserve evidence of deception

While most of the other forum members urged her to leave her cheating husband, others were quick to point out the age of the babysitter, saying he took advantage of a girl with the half his age. “The babysitter seduced him? Poor old man, he just couldn’t resist, did he? quipped a first person. “He took advantage of a 17 year old girl, made you feel like crap for working full time against her three days and literally blamed a teenage girl you employ! Do what’s best for you and your daughter,” said a second person. Finally, pragmatically, a third indicated: “I hope you have kept the video. If he plays tough during the divorce process, she can still be brought before a judge.”

She finds out that her husband is cheating on her with the babysitter after installing a camera


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