Reissa Spier always knew she was adopted, but it wasn’t until recently that she found out that she and several other siblings were sold at birth by her birth parents.

Reissa Spier is 67 years old and lives in Vancouver, Canada. 16 years ago, when she had just entered her fifties, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. His greatest fear: transmitting it genetically to his daughter. To find out if she carries the BRCA genes, Reissa must prove that a first-degree relative of hers also suffered from breast cancer. Except that the mother of the family knows absolutely nothing about it, since very young, she was adopted. It was only years later, after taking a DNA test, that she discovered that she fortunately did not carry the mutation. Good news which, that day, is accompanied by a terrible secret…

She finds her brothers and sisters also sold at birth

After her DNA test is done, Reissa discovers that she has a large number of siblings. But above all, she learns that she was sold by her biological parents alongside seven other children. Reissa manages to reconnect with Rene, one of her sisters, and with Bob, one of her half-brothers. He remembers that their mother was pregnant almost every year between 1949 and 1957. “I was young and I didn’t understand why she kept having babies,” he told the New York Post. He also remembers his biological father receiving $10,000 per child when he sold them. The others have been placed for adoption.

Since then, Reissa has managed to find almost all of her brothers and sisters and claims to be very happy to have a relationship with each of them. And this, although there are still many questions about their mysterious family history.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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