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She finds a false eyelash in meat bought at the supermarket

Sensitive souls refrain … A 36-year-old woman, who lives in the town of Preston in the county of Lancashire in England, claims to have found a false eyelash in a package of meat, reports the Daily Mail. The woman, who is named Kerri Tucker, shared photos of the piece of meat in question, on social networks. She explained that she “immediately” recognized “a false eyelash attached to a real natural eyelash”. “I went to buy lamb at your store in Fulwood, and there was an eyelash inside the packaging,” Kerri Tucker wrote on the store’s Facebook page, with a vomiting emoji.

As can be seen in the images, shared by the tabloid, what would appear to be eyelashes would have been under the plastic of the packaging of a piece of meat, sold for 3.88 euros in Aldi stores. “It has not yet been confirmed what the object in question was”, one can read. The Aldi group apologized after Kerri Tucker, and offered him a voucher of ten pounds, specifying that he will settle the problem with the supplier. For her part, the main concerned added: “Aldi offered me a refund, but I was told to return to the store with the receipt and the meat in question. I am not angry with the supplier, I I’m just happy to have received a refund and that they will review the situation internally. ”

She finds a false eyelash in meat bought at the supermarket © Aldi

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