The video of Lyla Rock, a 2 year old girl with Down syndrome, has been viewed and shared over four million times worldwide. Charlotte, 36, Lyla’s mother posted a video of her playing a maraca and dancing to street musicians in downtown Solihull on December 10. Charlotte “uploaded the clip to a Facebook community group and within two weeks the video went viral,” said The Mirror. The girl’s mother, who works in marketing, didn’t expect the video to be so successful at all.

“It’s kinda crazy, really. It was just a family video that you take everywhere. But now people all over the world have commented on it and shared it, it’s amazing,” he said. she declared. Charlotte says she was doing Christmas shopping with Lyla and her grandmother when they stopped to watch the street performers. Her daughter suddenly approached the artists, then a lady handed her a maraca. “It was really a random and charming mix of the singing guy, other street performers and Lyla,” her mother continues.

The viral video of this girl with Down’s syndrome is a message for all parents

Charlotte and her husband, 36, were shocked like all parents when they learned of their little girl’s illness. They found out that she had Down syndrome when she was born in 2019. “When Lyla was born it was a shock. I had many scans and nothing was detected, but I would not change Lyla for nothing in the world, “says Charlotte, Lyla’s mother. Charlotte is keen to point out that there are so many misconceptions about children living with Down syndrome. “She’s just like any other two-year-old, but there’s something special about her,” she confirms. “She has so many options, she can find a job and go to college. She’s vibrant and intelligent,” Lyla’s mother continues.

Lyla Rock and her family © The Mirror

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