Elise Stevens fell in love with her bodyguard after fleeing an abusive relationship. The 30-year-old opened up about the birth of this unexpected relationship.

A story worthy of the film Bodyguard with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner! Elise Stevens, originally from Oregon in the United States, fell in love with her bodyguard. The 35-year-old told her story to South West News Service. The facts date back to November 2008. At the time, she fled an abusive relationship with the father of her first daughter Gracie, now 13 years old. His friends quickly advised him to protect himself. So, for $100 a night, she hired the services of Derek Stevens, a construction worker.

“I accepted his help if I could pay him. As soon as I saw him, I thought there was something different about him. I felt comfortable despite everything I was going through” recalled Elise. Derek moved in with the single mom and her daughter Gracie. The latter quickly began to attach themselves to their protector. As for the American, she realized that she was falling in love: “After an abusive relationship, you are convinced that you will never find love again. I did not expect to relive that. I feel so safe, comfortable and protected.”

From bodyguard to the man of her life

Three months later, Elise revealed her feelings to Derek. If the 35-year-old worker initially confided that he was not ready to commit, he quickly realized that he could no longer live without the mother and her daughter. The couple married in March 2009. After 11 miscarriages, the two lovebirds managed to have two children born in 2011 and 2013: a girl named Rhilynn and a boy named Trask. “I never thought about the past, and I always felt protected and loved. I never believed it would be possible to have this after everything I’ve been through but as soon as I put my eyes on Derek, I just knew. We were made for each other.”


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