The facts date back to 2015. The body of Charlène Grosdent was found lifeless at her home in Welkenraedt, Belgium. It was her husband, Adrien Rompen, who alerted the emergency services, indicating that his wife had accidentally fallen down the stairs. Unfortunately, the woman will die as a result of her supposed fall. An autopsy is then performed on Charlene’s body. “At this time, I don’t ask myself any questions,” recalls Berthe, the mother of the deceased. She tells herself that this is all a formality. But Charlene’s body will be kept for two months.

And for good reason, an investigation has been opened. The fall of her daughter was not accidental but well orchestrated. Traces of strangulation were discovered as well as head trauma. Charlène Grosdent would have been strangled for three to five minutes before being finished off at the bottom of the stairs. “The back of the skull was in thousands of pieces”, specifies the mother of the deceased. For the mother of the deceased, these conclusions are beyond doubt: her son-in-law killed her daughter. “He was not crying. He was always on his mobile phone. We thought he was on it and talking to a friend (…) But no, it was with his mistress.”

He confesses to the murder

During the trial, Adrien will indeed plead this thesis. He would have revealed to his wife that he had an extramarital affair. She would then have assaulted him with blows. He would have simply defended himself. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison but can now claim early release. The mother of the deceased now lives in expectation that one day the murderer of her daughter will be freed.

She falls fatally down the stairs, the autopsy will lift the veil on the sordid truth

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