Mother of two children, she causes the death of the youngest due to negligence that could have been avoided. The Derby and Derbyshire Children’s Safeguarding Board report quoted by the Mirror on January 24, 2023 tells the story of baby A born to a mother with a history of “chaotic alcohol abuse”. Baby A was six months old when his father came home from work. The father of the family finds the mother asleep on the chair. Baby A was between his mother and the armrest of the chair.

The six-month-old baby was “apparently lifeless” when his father discovered him. According to the British media report, attempts at resuscitation were made and partially successful. Unfortunately, Baby A ends up dying two days later. Baby A’s mother confessed to downing two or three bottles of wine before passing out in the chair where her baby was found. It is learned that the mother of the family took medication for anxiety and depression after the birth of her baby. Medicines she had stopped taking as soon as she found out she was pregnant.

She always hid her alcohol abuse

The mother, a former alcoholic, has always denied her alcohol abuse during her pregnancy and after the birth of her baby. She had been assessed by an experienced substance abuse midwife while she was pregnant with Baby A. According to the Derby and Derbyshire Children’s Safeguarding Board report, Baby A’s father and maternal relatives “have then presented a picture of heavy and persistent drinking over many years, which was very different from that presented by Baby A’s mother herself.”

She falls asleep next to her baby after several bottles of wine, he won't survive it

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