But what could have been going through his head? Last Tuesday, at nightfall, a young girl decided to infiltrate a church in downtown Nice with the aim of degrading it. After getting on the altar, a member of the religious building tried to dissuade her from doing this big mistake. Result: she pushed the sexton, who had no choice but to warn the police in order to arrest her before she did more damage.

Dispatched to the scene, a municipal police brigade quickly went to the scene. But their task was not easy. Far from it: the minor struggled and bit the police until they bled. After finally managing to put her out of harm’s way, the officials noted injuries to her arms, scratches and spit marks. In short, an eventful evening.

Scratches, bites and spitting: the police have experienced an ordeal

The priest of the church of Gesù, responsible for the building, was also present at the time of the facts. But the latter, after being heard by the police, decided not to file a complaint. Indeed, the intrusion of this young woman who would suffer from psychiatric disorders, was not analyzed as an anti-religious act. However, she would be accustomed to the fact. To be continued…

She enters a church at nightfall, the police officers called will not soon forget her

Eventful night in a church © Pexels

Maria T.
Maria T.

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