A mother’s love is indescribable. Connie Goodwin, a mother, has almost drained all the water from a lake in the United States in order to find the remains of her son’s corpse. This story begins in 2015 when Edward Goodwin disappeared. Edward Goodwin, 32 at the time, simply disappeared without a trace from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, People reports. His parents Connie and Ed Goodwin, of course, did everything to find him. Moreover, for two years, Connie Goodwin never stopped looking for her son. This mom has done it all! She had organized rallies and even put up billboards forcing authorities to find him, the outlet reports.

It wasn’t until 2017 that the Butler County Sheriff’s Department made a breakthrough in the case. Indeed, authorities had discovered partial remains of Edward Goodwin’s corpse in a small lake in Poplar Bluff. This after having drained a good part of the pond for the purposes of the investigation. According to People, the sheriff’s department found almost 40% of his body. Which was enough to declare his death, but especially to incriminate the two men suspected of his murder. Still, Connie Goodwin said she could only turn the page when she found all of her son’s remains. “They promised they were going back, even in the paper they said they were going back, but they never did,” Connie told People. “I called them about every other day to try to find out when they were going to do it,” she added.

The authorities tried to keep their words

According to Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs, they would have returned to the scene in the fall of 2021 to find the remains of the victim. Only, due to lack of equipment, they could not drain the muddy water. “I told them months ago that if they didn’t do it, I told them one of these days I would do it myself,” Connie Goodwin once said. Words that were obviously not spoken for free since on Saturday September 17 in the morning, she really did! So, Connie and Ed Goodwin, helped by Gage (22), son of Edward Goodwin, went to the water point to drain everything.

The family had rented a sump pump and started draining the water at 8:30 a.m. It only took them two hours to find Edward’s bones. “We saw two bones sticking out so we kept pumping and then we started to see cinder blocks and then barbed wire and more bones,” Goodwin said. These materials were obviously what the murderers had used to drown her child.

She was able to bury her son with dignity

After discovering her son’s remains, Connie Goodwin directly called Butler County Coroner Jim Akers. Once there, Jim Akers would have dug up the bones by hand. “The mud was two to three feet deep, very thick and infested with wildlife,” Jim Akers told People. He also added that dental records confirmed the identity of the victim.

Both suspects pleaded guilty

The outlet also reports that two suspects were arrested by authorities in 2017 when Edward’s partial remains were discovered. Rickey Hurt and Eldrid Smith pleaded guilty in 2021 to murdering Edward Goodwin. Both men were imprisoned for killing their friend. Despite the loss of this loved one, Edward Goodwin’s family is still relieved to have been able to bury him with dignity.

She empties a pond to find the remains of her murdered son and bury him with dignity

She empties a pond to find the remains of her murdered son and bury him with dignity © Pexels

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