The small English town of Eaglescliffe was the scene of a terrible story. A man named Scott Marshall invited a woman and her pet to his apartment for the purpose of having sex with the young woman. Drunk, he lost control of himself when the latter rebuffed his advances. His reaction was horrible: he sexually assaulted him before locking him on his balcony and hitting his young labrador.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the 40-year-old man met his victim in a bar before offering to invite him to his apartment to show him his collectible guitars. The couple then allegedly sat on the sofa for a drink and a chat before he tried to kiss her, but she rejected his advances. Scott Marshall grabbed her chest directly but she didn’t let him. It was then that he decided to assault her with the help of physical force.

The man took revenge on his victim’s dog

His victim decided to go smoke a cigarette on the balcony. He locked him outside and then allegedly went after his five-month-old dog, grabbing him by the throat. “Now that I think about it, his behavior was a little weird. I immediately regretted accepting his invitation but I didn’t mean to be rude,” the victim said afterwards. The assailant declared guilty of the charges with which he was charged, namely sexual assault and animal abuse.

The evening turns tragic © Pexels

Lara T.
Lara T.

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