For the majority of pregnant women, a pregnancy rhymes with fatigue, especially when approaching the term. And when their belly becomes more prominent, it quickly becomes very difficult to perform simple daily tasks.

Bending over, putting on shoes, getting dressed, becomes a constant struggle. However, that doesn’t appear to have been the case for Nikki Salazar, who was called “lucky” by her community on TikTok due to her virtually nonexistent “baby bump” throughout her nine-month pregnancy.

A very different pregnancy

His TikTok @nikkisalazar_ account has more than 47,000 subscribers. Nikki, who frequently shares briefs from her daily life there, recently posted a video documenting the evolution of her belly during her pregnancy, titled “My pregnancy journey except that my belly only appeared two weeks before the childbirth “. A video that has become so popular that it has, since its publication, exceeded 2.8 million views.

A non-existent belly

Captioning her video, Nikki slipped in a joke noting “Maybe next time! “. The young woman thus revealed photos of the different stages of her pregnancy, from the first month to the fifth day before childbirth, then shots where she held her baby in her arms. Photos that did not fail to leave its subscribers incredulous since Nikki appeared without the slightest lump in the stomach, except at the very end of her journey.

A chance for some

In the comments, many people were “jealous” of his silhouette, described as “ideal”. ” My dream ! “wrote a subscriber. A second nodded, noting “Wow. Pregnancy without difficulty walking, putting on socks, washing at the sink, bending over, sleeping on your stomach… the list is endless! “. She did not fail to conclude “You are a very lucky woman”.

A fear for others

Other women, on the other hand, had no desire to experience the same “fate”. “An almost unlocked fear! “Inscribed a first woman while another added” My greatest fear “. Finally, one last person couldn’t believe it and exclaimed “This is beyond me!!! Where was baby all this time? Was he at the hotel or what? “.

She displays a flat stomach throughout her pregnancy the video makes the buzz


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