When the time comes to leave the parental room for their own space, some children are worried and confused. Not reassured by the idea of ​​sleeping alone, in the dark, he often refuses to occupy their room.

A mum faced a similar problem when her daughter told her of her refusal to sleep alone claiming that an “evil doppelganger” was present at night, telling her to “follow her to a closet”.

night terrors

On her TikTok account, a young mother made a long video explaining that she was trying in vain to put her daughter to sleep in her own room, the latter constantly taking refuge in the parental bed at nightfall. In her video, she said “During the night I once put her to sleep in her room and she was screaming ‘Kill’ and didn’t want me to leave her alone”, continuing “I was tired so I let her sleep in the bed with my husband and me”. Initially putting this new anxiety on the account of night terrors, the young mother nevertheless ends up worrying when she begins a discussion with her daughter.

A stranger in the room

“A few nights later, I tried to put her back in her room by herself and she was like, ‘No, I don’t want to sleep here mum,'” she explained. Asking her about the reason for her refusal, she remains in shock when her daughter confides in her “Someone else enters the room” and that this intruder “looks like you but I know it’s not you” . Perplexed, she asks her daughter for more details “She looks like you but she wants me to follow her in my closet and I don’t want to accompany her,” her child tells her. In the comments following her video, frightened viewers questioned her about this “evil look-alike” asking if she had ever noticed anything suspicious. “I have a camera in her room and she never picked up anything,” said the mother. A subscriber wrote “She was attacked or tied up. You should clean and protect his room so that night terrors and entities can be banished from it” while a second shared his own experience “I followed a woman when I was little and almost found myself standing at the middle of a main street at 3am. The alarm clock saved me, don’t leave her alone”.



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