Jennifer Vaughan certainly did not expect to make this sad discovery after cutting her finger. The Briton, from Wembley in London, has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The facts date back to October 2017. As usual, Jennifer Vaughan was preparing dinner for her family. That afternoon, the Brit cut a roast chicken but her hand slipped and she cut the index finger of her right hand. The gash, which was quite deep, did not require her to go to the emergency room. However, later that day, the 54-year-old former teacher still went to her GP to have the injury properly treated. A week later, Jennifer noticed a discoloration on her palm that was the size of a small coin. Her doctor prescribed her antibiotics and gave her a blood test. Scans showed an abnormally low white blood cell count. So he was advised to go to the hospital.

Interviewed by the Metro UK newspaper, Jennifer Vaughan explained that health professionals did not take her fears seriously. Worried about her health, the Englishwoman asked to do an ultrasound and a scanner. This is how the doctors discovered a mass on his left kidney. Four months later, another ultrasound confirmed that she had stage 3 kidney cancer. “I was completely paralyzed. I couldn’t believe it. It took me a long time to understand . It’s something I never thought I would have. It’s not hereditary in my family. I never smoked and I don’t drink. I lead a healthy lifestyle so it was hard to take. I had hot flashes but I thought they were due to menopause” she confided to the daily.

A long battle with cancer

At the time, his kidney was removed but six months later the disease had spread to his lungs. “It’s terrifying to hear. I thought the cancer was gone. But in reality, it’s either you live with cancer or you die of it. I want to reach 103 like my grandmother. I I was therefore determined to defeat him,” she said. In 2019, Jennifer started immunotherapy treatment to help her immune system attack cancer cells. And despite the side effects – swollen ankles, insomnia and intestinal problems – she says she is delighted to be still alive. As of early 2022, Jennifer’s condition has been stable. As well as continuing to fight the disease, she is currently a coach with Kidney Cancer UK, where she helps others living with cancer.


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