This story dates back to 2020. At the time, Sarah Regan changed her daughter, Birdie, as usual. But when you discover the contents of his diaper, it’s a shock. This is full of blood. Panicked, the Australian quickly rushes to the emergency room. On the spot, the baby underwent a panoply of examinations. “She was 9 months old. She woke up one morning and I changed her diaper which was full of blood, and not just a little. There was a lot of it. I was worried that she might have an infection kidney,” she told the Daily Mirror. The child then passes a CT scan and the doctors discover that his bones are particularly developed for his age. The barely believable diagnosis ends up coming through.

Against all odds, Sarah learns that her baby is going through precocious puberty: “The blood in her diaper was her first period. I didn’t know what to think about it. I had no knowledge on the subject and I had no never heard of it before. She didn’t walk or even talk.” An extremely rare case that she constantly has to explain to her daughter’s teachers: “I hate that it’s something we have to explain every time. However, I think it’s important that people know about it.” The Australian is now doing everything possible to ensure that little Birdie has a normal childhood.

Consideration of hormone treatment

Since the diagnosis was made, Birdie has been regularly followed by health professionals. The little one must in particular pass hormonal tests, a scanner and an ultrasound every six months. “It’s hard to tell if she has other symptoms like mood swings or menstrual pain because she’s too small. She doesn’t have pubic hair or breasts like some children with this condition may have. have” admits Sarah, specifying that her child could start hormone treatment to delay puberty. The mother, however, wants to be reassuring: her daughter is in good health.

She discovers her daughter's diaper full of blood the diagnosis is surreal


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