Panicked, this British mother took her son to the emergency room after discovering a hole in his mouth. She certainly did not expect to receive an unexpected diagnosis.

Becky Stiles got the scare of her life. In 2021, this mother of three from Essex, England discovered a hole in the mouth of her 10-month-old son Harvey. It was when changing her diaper that the young woman noticed a dark circle on her palate. “I tried to touch him but he started screaming. I quickly called his father to come and see. I was shaking, sweating and holding back tears. We watched what it was with a torch and her dad said, ‘What’s that thing?'” she told The Sun. Advised by her mother, the Briton contacted 111, the number for medical assistance.

Too panicked to wait on the phone, Becky took her son to the emergency room: “We dropped off the two eldest at their grandparents’ and then drove for 30 minutes to the nearest hospital.” When they arrived, the young mother explained the situation to the receptionist, who suggested that she consult a specialist. But that was without counting the intervention of the nursing staff who made an unexpected diagnosis: “A nurse took out her penlight to take a look. After 30 seconds, she said ‘It’s a sticker’. Since I’m an idiot, I said ‘No look, it’s a hole.’ She put her finger in her mouth and pulled it out. I laughed but was embarrassed.”

“I told the nurse that I felt really stupid”

Mortified by her gaffe, Becky made the medical staff laugh: “I told the nurse that I felt really stupid, and that if the Covid did not exist, I would have given her a hug. replied ‘Well, I had never treated a cleft palate at the ER door until today.’ We laughed and left, ashamed, towards our car.” At the time, the young woman had mentioned this famous “hole” with many of her relatives: “In the car, I had to swallow my pride and call everyone to tell them that Harvey didn’t really have a hole in the mouth but that he just had a new passion for stickers.”


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