In Indonesia, the jungle is full of secrets and dangerous animals. A few weeks ago, Jahrah went missing after leaving his family home in Jambi province on the West Island of Sumatra. “The victim did not return home after saying goodbye to his family to go to the garden to pick up rubber from the trees,” local police said. Residents of the 54-year-old woman’s village quickly dispatched search teams to the area. Two days later, they found traces of this grandmother… in the body of a snake! In a clearing in the region, they indeed came face to face with a huge python with a particularly swollen body.

Inside the reptile? Jahrah. According to Anto, the chief of the village where she lived, explained that the python probably killed her by using his body to choke her. To local media, he explained in detail how pythons kill their victims. The snake is said to have first used its fangs – which are angled backwards – to immobilize Jahrah. He would then wrap himself around her as quickly as possible using his powerful body and slowly squeeze her until she was unable to breathe. After she choked, he allegedly dislocated his jaw and swallowed her whole. Once the animal was found, the inhabitants of the village opened it and found the body of this grandmother in perfect condition, her clothes still in place.

The villagers fear for their lives

“Everyone was amazed. It turned out that the woman we were looking for was in the snake’s stomach,” a policeman said. According to the village chief, the inhabitants are frightened. Since the death of this fiftieth birthday, a number of giant pythons have been seen nearby. “Villagers now fear that bigger snakes are still in the forest. This giant snake also swallowed two goats in our village,” he explained. Although such incidents are rare, this is not the first time that a person in Indonesia has been killed and eaten by a python. Two similar deaths were reported in the country between 2017 and 2018.

She disappears in the jungle, her body is found two days later in a disgusting animal

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